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KAR Engineering

Customized solutions to problems encountered by industrial,
commercial, and property management interests.

Energy Services

Energy costs money. Knowing where you are using, losing and wasting energy can dramatically impact your bottom line. It can even make the difference between a process being viable in the
area or validating a decision to move out of the region or even out of the country.

There has recently been a lot of media coverage on various other technologies, most of which are economically viable only when the conditions are exactly right. Will those technologies
benefit you? Can you trust the vendor to be candid when it will not?

KAR has the experience and the expertise to analyze your facility thermodynamically, separating the facts from the hype; that means analyzing your whole system, not just a small portion of it.
Armed with the true cost of your services, we can uncover the Best Available Technologies and other methods to increase the efficiency of your processes. KAR can also act as a third party
reviewer where vendors attempt to sell systems seeming “too good to be true.”

Let physics be your guide — and let KAR handle the physics for you