As we move along in the new millenium, it is clear that the most technologically advanced companies will be the leaders in their industries. C-IT is a computerized control and terminal system combining the benefits of today's high-speed computers with the proven performance and dependability of programmable logic controllers (PLCs). This combination results in a reliable, cost effective and easy-to-use replacement for most existing terminal and manufacturing automation systems.

For example, C-IT can be incorporated into manufacturing lines, robotics, water treatment facilities, VCUs, truck racks, pumping systems, pipeline pumping stations, level gauging, as well as various other tasks in order to address client's needs. In addition, C-IT provides a graphics user interface, data logging, remote data access, and report capabilities.

The new version of C-IT control software is now available for customizing. This control system and software package allows your processes to be controlled utilizing all major brands of PLCs, and have a graphical display on your terminal. We've also included a wide range of features that are not available on competing products. The system can come complete with the PLC, can utilize your existing PLCs, or we can work with your equipment supplier to integrate our system into your new controls. An option for full engineering services provides the customer with a "turn-key" operation.

The C-IT Control System comes complete with: